Thursday, 25 February 2016

How giving back requires bold effort

The giving dilemma. Who knew it was going to be this hard to give in a more meaningful way. I have gone out with my friends and handed out lunches to the homeless here in Vancouver BC. However as I wrote in one my recent posts that me and a friend have created a Givers Group. In this group we want to not only give but to make a lasting impact and create a pay it forward, were our giving is not only helping those directly but also indirectly, the people who are given will give back to the people they know. We want to change the lives of the people who are open minded to see that they have more potential then they actually think they do. Well it turns out that its not as simple as it sounds. We went to the covenant house yesterday and we pitched our idea to the coordinator, only to be told that what we are doing is good but not good enough. That we have the right intentions, but that it is not something that they are interested in. Of course this brings us to square one, or does it? Gaining a tone of knowledge and a different perspective just through listening and understanding how these organization are run and what it takes to become volunteers. Through frustration of wanting to give but not being able to in the manner of which we proposed means that we have to shift our focus and strategy to an organization that will be more receptive to our way of wanting to give. After that meeting we went to attend a seminar hosted by one of our friends who is the founder of the H.E.A.T movement, and we came to the realization that giving prevention is less of an uphill battle then giving the cure, this was said by someone who has been working on delivering the cure for 18 years and has found it extremely difficult. It is like someone being in the water and you are outside trying to save them with a rope but instead of you saving them and pulling them out of the water they are pulling you in. We where focused on presenting a possible cure to those already in need, what if we switched our focused instead on the prevention, how many lives could we impact then? Who would be more open minded to our giving ways. Well we have to start somewhere, and we will began at pulling our resources and our givers to attend various events in the lower mainland and city of Vancouver in volunteer positions to help and build on ideas that are already happening now (innovate). This helps us establish a portfolio and our credibility within our community. We don't want to duplicate anything that is happening already because that wouldn't be contributing instead it would be wasting potential resources. Then we will implement our strategy of giving.

To be continued....

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