Saturday, 20 February 2016

Are you using the right social media platform?

My goal is to start writing a daily blog of reflection , idea sharing and discovery habit. I adopted this principle from one of the blogs that I follow Prsuit. The reason for this is not only will it help me in my journey of self discovery, also it will give the readers a better sense of who I am and what I do, and it will build a platform for myself. With practice comes mastery.

I have been running a social media campaign on one of my companies Aladdin Homecare for about 3 weeks. Yesterday I realized the power of my personal social media support and how I can implement that into my company. Inviting people to like my page on Facebook has brought my likes up enormously over one day I received more likes then the past 2 months. What I find interesting about this is how today's businesses not only survive but depend and thrive on social media and SEO (search engine optimization). If you don't have social media chances of your business success are slim, It was not like this about fifteen years ago. People had to work hard and spend alot of time and money in advertising. Today you can hire someone for less then half the price to manage your website and social media, as long as there doing the right work and targeting the right audience success is inevitable. Think about it, how do you choose which restaurant to go to or find the best handyman. Before it was opening the yellow pages, picking up the house phone, asking many questions and believing the person on the other line. Today it is about the reviews and likes you see on social media and Google, we trust other consumers experience over the business personal. To gain awareness you must be heavily involved with Facebook (1 billion user) platform, and any other social media platform based on the business goals and industry. Instagram (28 million users) is a great platform for image friendly businesses like restaurants, retail, technology, design etc. Linkeden is basically a professional CV online. It is amazing how we are evolving and the paper and pen are becoming so obsolete. Soon we will be in a virtual world where we don't leave our own houses to do any type of work, or enjoy any type of setting or outing.

To be continued....

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