Saturday, 27 February 2016

How do things for free lose their value?

I take free things for granted. Do you? I feel like when something is free you don't value it as much as opposed to something that you have to pay for, and I am talking about material things not adventures. I have apple T.V. where I pay to watch movies and shows. I cut back on watching T.V. simply because I feel it brings no value to my life. However when I am with my girlfriend or a friend we put a movie on. I used to watch every preview possible. Choosing a movie was quiet the process simply because paying for a movie felt like I did not want to waste the money and pick a bad one. When I was by myself I sometimes used to sit for a duration of a whole movie and just watch previews because they are free and because it was hard to decide on which movie to spend money on. Now having the android box my girlfriend and I rent any movie and usually it takes less then 2 minutes to decide. When we do watch the movie we tend to lose interest in it faster then movies we payed for. Is it because we don't give a f*** about it? Does money make things seem more valuable? It seems to be this way. You can try for yourself, put something outside you want to give away, give it a price tag, and watch how fast someone will come take it as opposed to putting a sign on it saying FREE. Free things seems to be harder to give away. I had a piano and couch's I was giving away and it took a lot more work. You would think people would be eager to come grab a set of 2 year old sectional leather couch's and a functioning piano. Wrong!  It took convincing and constant reminding. Next time I will want to give something away Ill just put a price tag on it will see how fast I can get rid of whatever it is I am giving away. Using the scarcity principle always works in every aspect. We always want what we cant have and we always want what there is a shortage of. I feel there is a misconception with free things. How can we see the value in free things? I suppose looking at the functionality of it, seeing how much it would be worth to someone who is in need is always a good way to measure its value. I know my parents or my girlfriends and many other people see value in free things. I have a hard time finding the value, I criticize it more and the meaning of it is squandered. Do you see value in free material possessions?

To be continued....

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