Monday, 22 February 2016

What inspires you to do what you love?

I have been working on a philanthropic project with one of my friends/partner. We call it the Givers Group. It has been a journey of '1000' steps to get to where we are today. I guess with any journey it seems to be this way. Me and my partner met through one of his meetup networking groups called MIT (Millionaire In Training). Sharing our passions we quickly realized that we both wanted to give and had many ideas as to how we would want to give, we had a common purpose. With our unique ability as entrepreneurs we decided to organize a group, later to be called the GG or formally as the Givers Group. The idea behind this was to bring one friend each and to share our ideas with them to get a different perspective and other ideas as to how we can evolve our original idea of giving back to our community in our own backyards. There are many places in the world, in fact over half the population lives in poverty (Gumball Population), depending if you define poverty as people living below the standard of living. However we decided to tackle the problems that are in our community in which we live in first in hopes of growing this organically on a grass root level. After seeing that we would basically be repeating our selves by bringing only one friend and after asking that one friend to bring another friend who shares the same common passion to help those in need, we then decided to invite all of those who we know who would want to participate in something like this. I mean who wouldn't want to give back out of the goodness of their heart. Well turns out it isn't as easy as we thought to organize a group of like minded individuals and couples (mastermind group) who would be so kind as to give back to those who are struggling and have less then they do. Our first brainstorming group was about 13 people strong, the one to follow was about 10 people all of which where not the same as the first group. I mean you would think that all the people from the first group would come back. We were not asking for handouts but instead we wanted to gather the best ideas and recruit members to join the organization to help within our community. Turns out that their time was worth more then to be giving the treasure (knowledge) they possess. A leader takes a leap and a risk to pursuing something he/she is passionate about, builds a tribe and has people follow by being inspired. Well it wasn't as easy as we thought to inspire others to join along. However actions speak louder then words, and we are organizing and event with the Covenant House, a shelter for teenagers who are displaced in Vancouver, we will be doing something that is fun and educational to get our message across that we want to not only make a difference but we also want to make a profound change and lasting impact to all those we encounter, not just the people we give to but also the people we give with. I will be documenting our journey through my blogs so stay tuned for more. I hope I can inspire you the reader to do something similar. It is easy to do something you love it is hard taking that first leap and the risk to dedicating your time to pursing what you love to do.

To be continued....

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