Monday, 11 July 2016

Would your behaviour change being in front of the public?

Would you act differently? Say things you wouldn't normally say? Would you be more or less reserved?

I know I have been doing a lot of business-related post so today we're going to change it up, we will examine human behavior. I suppose it is interrelated to business isn't it? If you don't know the answer by now let me answer that for you, of course it is.

I find human behavior fascinating especially when you start to really understand it better.

Being curious about how things work and dissecting them into removable parts brings out creativity, at least it does with me. To be curious all you have to do is deploy a set of questions to see how things can be different than they already are.

Why are things the way they are?
How can things be better? 
What would it look like if it was the opposite?

Today's topic is "would we act differently in the public eye? In front of the camera or on radio? At a party?" The answer to the series of questions in my opinion for the 99% of us is yes.

There is a minority of people whose personalities do not change on or off camera. However, we are very much like chameleons and we tend to rub off even when we don't realize it, on other people and vise versa.

What do I mean? Do you ever notice when you are watching a lot of T.V. or spend the day with someone you tend to use some of the lingo of which you normally do not find yourself using?

The question should probably be "how would we act differently if we were in the public eye?".

Why do we act differently? Do we worry about who we actually are? Do we have to hide our flaws? Why not embrace them?

"What makes us vulnerable is what makes us human."

People can relate to vulnerability of course. Your flaws provide a connectivity to people who share similar flaws as you. Does this mean we cannot relate to Artificial Intelligence? Will save this topic for another time, let's keep going.

Do you have nothing to be proud of? Do you feel ashamed and self-conscious because you are not as good as the person whose doing similar things to you? Well sure, this is what makes you human.

Recognizing that you have flaws and so does everyone else around you will raise your self-esteem. Did I say this was going to be easy work? Certainly easier said than done.

You should be proud that you made it to this day, and to this very moment. Give yourself credit for the talent or skill that you have cultivated, if it's beating someone over a game on your Xbox (master strategist), or writing an SAT exam and graduating from high school (academic achiever).

You have accomplished milestones even if you do not think so. Self-awareness I believe is key to conquering your self doubts.

It is great to challenge yourself and always look towards achieving something greater. What I am asking is for you to honor all the small wins along the way. because those will create a momentum for you to keep achieving.

"The first step toward change is awareness. The second step is acceptance." Nathaniel Branden

Momentum is important especially to keep yourself out of a potential and deadly rut. No, life is not all peaches, and there will be some depressing moments.

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