Saturday, 16 July 2016

What is the latest gossip?

We love to gossip about people we know, why do we do this? You are not the only one, 7 billion of us are guilty of this too.

Let's first start identifying what the definition of gossip is. What I think about it, and what the experts have to say about it. In my best intention I will give you the most insight possible in the least amount of time, let's dive in.

Gossip is the information about the behaviour and personal lives of other people according to Meriam Webster Dictionary.

My belief is that we gossip because we want to build an instant connection with the person we gossip with. We identify the commonalities of which we share, and strengthen our relationship while doing this.

How can this be? Shouldn't our relationship be more questionable now because we seem to be talking about someone else without their knowledge of it? Wouldn't we now be more on guard because if we do this to someone else what's stopping us from doing the same thing to each other?

Well the last question poses two different views. One you can say that no, you are building a bond amongst each other and by sharing vital information about someone else who you both know you are gaining each other's trust, let's stop here for a moment.

Gossiping about someone you don't know will not strengthen your relationship, in fact it will do more harm, because now you are coming off as this arrogant person who loves to talk about other people. Your trust to the person who is listening to your gossip will now be questionable.

Two, when you are gossiping about someone you know there can be opposing views. The other person can react instead of .... Finish reading this post HERE.

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