Friday, 8 July 2016

Why is it important to pay attention to people's buying behaviour?

Analyze how you do things because chances are other people do the same things.

People focus on what they can relate to. Getting people's attention is not the hard part, it is keeping their attention before they get distracted by something else that they may think is more interesting.

So you want to sell a product or a service?

Simple, watch who buys, how they buy, ask them why they buy from you, and turn all that feedback into a systematic machine that can be replicated and managed.

People are a lot a like yet they are unique. We are creatures of habit. Our buying habits become very universal and this is why advertising companies have done such a great job at influencing our decision process.

Videos go viral because they touch on our emotions. We are not logical buyers we are emotional buyers, will save this for another post.

So how can you watch people's emotions? You don't need to. You can get their feedback on how it makes them feel, and pay attention to their answers.

On a side note there are great sites to conduct surveys to get instant feedback from a wide crowd, and

Your goal is to build a community and harness the power of your community to grow your business on an exponential level. This is a goal of mine.

Every business needs a community and not every community needs or becomes a business. Whether you are in the Vegan Restaurant business or in the Headphone business, without those loyal foodies or people who love listening to music your business will fail.

So where am I going with this? I know I ask this question sometimes in my posts and I think it is more to keep me on track.

When you become a good observer, you start to understand how things work, why they work, and how you can make them better.

The way to become a good observer is by asking critical questions while observing. Asking the right questions. Okay Lev what is the right question?

The right questions get you the right answer. The right question to ask almost every time starts with why. Kids are the best at this. Do you notice how children always ask why about something and they ask it over and over again?

Up to the point of where you get exhausted and cannot come up with an answer.

Why do they ask why? Because this is how they learn. By asking why they gain a deeper understanding.

Release the inner child in you. Gain a deeper understanding on what it is you are observing. Ask why, why, why, and keep asking until you get to because...

Did we get off track on this post? No. Let me tie it all in together for you so this all makes sense.

When you have a business the objective of the business is to turn a profit. How do you do that? By understanding the buying behavior of your customers. How do you understand the buying behaviour of your customers? By observing them and asking why when they are making the purchases they are making.

Once you understand what works and what doesn't. Focus on what does work, and as always double down on that.

Pay attention.

That sums it up quite nicely. Thank you for reading this post, I know it is a bit shorter then my usual posts as of lately, hopefully it is refreshing and right to the point. to be continued....

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