Monday, 25 July 2016

The questions I have for my post going viral on medium

Who there in the medium platform decided to publish one of my many posts? Why this particular post? I will go in circles assuming without clarifying.

As I least expected, okay let’s get real, did not expect at all for this post to be featured on the Medium homepage. Was it satisfying to see this? Absolutely! Am I writing just for this feeling? Absolutely, not.

This feeling cannot be my only drive to write because if it was most chances are you would not be reading this post today. I understand now why people give in and give up. They create with the wrong intentions in mind.

So what are my intentions? My intentions as I have previously stated, still stay true today. The purpose of my writing is to improve my life. How does it improve my life? Through deliberate practice and daily discipline, I have incorporated a habit.

Improving my ability to think creatively helps me surprisingly in my businesses and of course in every aspect of my life. It’s exactly like exercising your body. You exercise so your body stays in shape and you maintain your health. I do this with writing as well.

I want to ask a series of questions to dig deeper into why my post went viral before I steer of topic.

Is it my style of writing? I find I do have a signature style of writing, as does every single person writing or creating. Walking into several art shops it is very easy to distinguish each art piece and to whom it belongs to.

Is it the message? The post was personal, as most of my posts are. It was relevant to todays economy and culture.

Is it the content and value? I write content and bring value however, every post appeals to a different audience. The problem I find with this is that I may seem like a jack of all trades. However, I am simply an observer who loves to write balanced thought provoking posts.

Is it the headline? Well as I thoroughly discussed in my last post, the headline did prove to be effective for this particular post. I didn’t feel it was the strongest and most accurate headline so I am not sure how that sat with most of the readers.

Is there an algorithm? We are led to believe there is a tactic or some sort of system as to how everything works. If you do xyz you will get your result. Algorithms are an interesting topic and to go into detail here would take away from my intended message. To simply say yes would be a disservice to the functionality of the algorithm.

In some instances, the algorithms couldn’t be any more specific, such as Snapchat or Reddit were people follow you or decide to up vote and place you on the top ranks. In other instances, they are so complex I don’t even believe the creators or the best hackers fathom their understanding, such as Twitter and Instagram.

Okay, I may be cheating a bit using social media as examples. On a side note, if you are reading this and you do not have any social media I would love to connect with you via email or phone conversation to find out why.

Popular authors go viral because they “double down on what works.” Because they already have a massive following. Once the post gets momentum it continues to climb the ranks of the platform.

Is there a ninja turtle sitting behind a desk eating Doritos and randomly swatting at a keyboard hitting the publish button on random posts? This may seem silly, but the purpose for this is to paint a picture, and to see if your paying attention.

Why hasn’t it happened since? FINISH THE POST HERE

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