Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Which moral principles do you follow?

Would you do something that is morally wrong? First we need to ask ourselves what are morals? According to the dictionary morals are a standard of beliefs concerning what is and what is not acceptable for someone to do.

Okay so basically they are our principles that guide us into doing either good or bad. I think you know what I am about to ask next, who defines what is morally right or wrong? Is it society? The status-quo? Or do you decide for yourself?

If everyone jumped of a roof top of a building and this was accepted as morally the right thing to do by society when you are sad, would you do so?

If you have certain moral principles and someone else has a different view on it are they wrong? Even if they make a strong argument supporting their claims?

So we all know about cults and their leaders. Most famous the Charles Manson cult. How he has imposed certain moral principles on his followers of which completely ignore the humanistic values that the majority of people follow.

No I will not take this post into this direction, however, I want to point out that not only do we have outcomes that are out of our control which the results are based on the decisions we make. As well other people have a strong influence over those decisions, as I discussed in my last post.

So why am I telling you this? I need you to understand that we are also guided by our pre conceived beliefs and notions which are based on our past experiences. What we experience and what we see other's do, especially those who we aspire to be like.

We emulate their personas, we value their morals and teach ourselves to be like the people we aspire to whether it is a conscious or an unconscious choice that we make.

It becomes our destiny, a rule guide that we follow and is seldom revised.

"Associate with people who are likely to improve you." Seneca

Let me tell you a story about my friend, her brother, and her brother's girlfriend. The background story is that my friend's brother got involved with a girl and she became pregnant. He has known this girl for about a year and a half and now she is almost in labour.

My friend and her brother have never really had a father figure. Her brother never had a long lasting relationship, and he is constantly head butting with his girlfriend. I don't think age is a factor here so I will not bore you with the details of that.

During this time of the girlfriend being in labour my friend has bonded with her especially during the times of her brother's absence. Due to ongoing clashing with his girlfriend.

This pregnancy seems more important for my friend rather than her brother. I get this feeling because of the conversations I have with all three parties.

Is it the void that my friend is filling? Not having a partner or any children herself. Is it because she feels guilty that her brother is being himself and neglecting his girlfriend when she needs him the most? Is it because my friend is a girl, and so she has commonalities with her brother's pregnant girlfriend? Is it because her brother is not ready to be a father?

The other day I got into a discussion that inspired me to write this post.

My friend's intention is for the girlfriend to get pregnant one more time so she has two children with the same father. Even though her brother may not be the best suited father in the children's lives. My friend feels that she will fill the void, and also that the children will be taken care of financially, if the girlfriend didn't decide to have another child with someone else.

With this information, what would you say is the right or wrong thing to do for the girlfriend who is pregnant? Which path should she take?

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