Sunday, 24 July 2016

A creative way to take risks

Risk is talked about a lot but I feel we do not fully justify what it actually represents.

Why do companies who have dominated their industries mitigate risk? And why do disruptive companies welcome risk?

"If you cannot disrupt your self, your idea, or your project, someone else will disrupt you."

Through disruption comes a new idea. Let me rephrase that, old ideas bring out new ideas, the combination of ideas bring out new ideas, rarely do new ideas emerge out of thin air.

Creativity is a curse, we can either welcome it or resist it. When we resist it we do a disservice to ourselves and everyone else who gains from our creativity. So why resist? Because it is the safe thing to do.

Being safe means staying comfortable.

CEO's of large corporations would rather make sure that they do not risk losing their current positions by doing the things that are safe and that look after the stake holders. Even though, if they make risky decisions they may make the company better, stronger and faster. Meaning the stake holders will be better off as well.

"If they do, they may" words that are not very promising. There is that chance that they could make the company worse, lose money for the sake holders and worst of all lose their jobs.

Would you take the risk if you knew that you had a 50/50 chance of either winning and disrupting or losing everything you worked so hard to attain?

Depends on your character. Not everyone who takes risks disrupts. Let me repeat that, not everyone who takes risks disrupts.

Psychologist Aptor makes claim that it is better for one person taking the risk and going first rather than the whole group taking the risk. This dates back to our ancestors when a tribe would enter a new territory they would assess the risk by having one person drink the water and try the fruit to see if it is safe for the rest of the group.

Risk is not a sure bet however, some disrupters understand, sorry all disrupters understand that risk is not only a necessary element but is regarded as the life line of the disruptor. Without risk you cannot disrupt because the status quo will keep you locked up in a cage.

To disrupt it is necessary to break free from the cage and to think outside the box.

People are not geniuses, their not born geniuses and they do not become geniuses. They are regular people just like you and I. The difference is that they work hard, they have a purpose (destination), and they attain knowledge along the way.

So why do we classify people who are disrupters as geniuses? They are simple man who had a vision, who clearly saw a path of least resistance and who decided to take the risk to go first. The appropriate word for these people is leaders.

We have established that all disruptors are risk takers so are all risk takers disruptors? No.

Is it because some risk takers fail? No.

I will have to stop here, I know you enjoyed reading it this far but there is so much more to this post, and of course an actionable take away at the end, so why don't you continue with the rest OVER HERE. If you don't find it useful let me know and I promise I will make it up to you.

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