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When you become comfortable you miss the point

I have mentioned before that I am not the best driver. So let me tell you about my driving history. One that might impress some stunt drivers.

I have not been in one accident or two but as many as 8 accidents of which 3 the vehicle was a right off. That means that the vehicle could not be fixed.

You are probably wondering who in their right mind would let me get behind the wheel and let me drive them anywhere? Or how am I still standing having been through some major accidents? Walking away from it without a scratch.

You may call me dumb, lucky, or reckless. Sure I am all of those things and none of those things.

I can sit here and give you a story about each and everyone of those accidents. However, a story I can give, but passing the buck off I cannot. I recognize each and everyone of those accidents is my fault whether it is easy to accept or not.

Responsibility is mine as soon as I get behind the wheel.

Getting into the habit of risky driving is something that is done unconsciously. Let me elaborate.

When we do something repeatedly (habit) we find the easiest way to do it (shortcut), naturally, and we began to build a bad habit that is harder to undo. What does this mean?

I began driving with both of my hands on the wheel, cautiously, observing everything in sight. This happens with everything that we start out with. We pay the utmost attention to that particular task. Shortly after I get comfortable and start driving with one hand, and the things I used to pay deliberate attention to now become second natured, less obvious.

I have taken a driving course a few months back after acquiring a license over 15 years ago. Some of my friends laughed when I explained to them that I was retraining on how to drive. Other's who knew me better did not.

Reminding myself that driving does not only put myself and my passengers in danger but also pedestrians, cyclists, and other motor vehicles as well.

Driving should be taken seriously at all times. We forget to because we feel confident behind the wheel. There is nothing wrong with confidence, but there is something wrong with ignorance.

Someone who can do something for such a long time can actually become worse at doing the task if they perpetually are doing it incorrectly.

Whoever thinks they are great at multitasking are just bullshitting themselves. There is no such thing as multi tasking. You can only focus on one task at a time. When you are doing more then one task at a time you are simply switching your focus from one thing to the other.

Sometimes when you get to your destination do you notice that you got there and you have no recollection of the drive? This is because you were familiar with the route and you focused on something other then driving.

Just like you cannot have two thoughts at the same time, you cannot focus on two different things at the same time. Try it. Think of a big PINK ELEPHANT, now that you are thinking about this did you also think of the screen of which you are starring at?

It was smart for the lawmakers to implement the no cellphone regulations. Soon enough we will see a major disruption with driving and automated cars. This will be a game changer.

In business being reckless results in failure. You must take responsibility for all of your actions and you must pay close attention to your business, the industry and your people (customers and employees).

Be calculated with every strategy that is implemented. Always have a plan A, B, and C.

Do not get too comfortable with your current situation because someone else will come along and take away your clients through the latest innovations or just simply a better strategy than yours.

"Always be on your feet"

You may think that taking risk is necessary for disruption and growth, and you are right for the most part, it is calculated risk which is scalable that propels you to the next level in business. May that be your growth in sales, leads, or employees.

This post is not to make me look bad, although I can see how it can, but instead for me to recognize and keep my awareness at all times on things that I have become too comfortable achieving.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. To be continued....

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