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How does one experience lead to another?

Find those opportunities

One thing leads to another. What is more true is that when you are working on something relevant you stumble onto something else related that will be better than what you started with.

One book leads to another, one platform leads to another, one friend leads to another, one comment leads to another, one investment leads to another, one project leads to another. Okay I think you get the point.

When does it all end? It ends when you stop looking for opportunities. When you are close minded and when you think you know everything.

So then why stop? It only stops when you decide it stops. There are plenty of books, investments, people and projects out there.

Have you ever considered how you got to where you are now, and the events that led to you getting there? If one or two things have been different you would not be where you stand today. So how did this grand sequence of events begin in the first place? And why did you make theses choices?

One year ago I decided to attend network events, if I did not attend one specific network event I would not have founded this specific philanthropy group, Givers Group. What led to this creation?

At the network event I shared something in common with the host, we both had a passion to help others. We then scheduled a coffee which I felt I needed to go to.

Sometimes the strangest things happen if you listen to yourself. When you give your inner gut feeling a chance.

When we met for a coffee he then invited me to a Gala that was to raise money for a charity organization. I have never been to a Gala before, and if it wasn't for the support and encouragement from my girlfriend and my friends I would have not attended that gala and I believe our friendship would have receded.

We then scheduled another coffee after the gala and decided that both of us are after the same dream. This is when the Givers Group was created.

Partners are great at keeping each other accountable and challenging each other to grow beyond your comfort zone.

"I have a tougher time letting someone else down than myself."

I feel I can always make an excuse and say I'll do it tomorrow. Does this make me lazy?

The events didn't end here. We scheduled a think tank group to come in and help us narrow our focus down to who exactly we wanted to help and where. If you read my Previous post you would understand the direction, we took.

We have now a project that we are working on with the Children's Wish Foundation. How did we land on this project?

Well after that sequence of events described above, fast forward, we looked for opportunities here in Vancouver B.C. We each volunteered for other charity's until we found that one of those charity's we can hone in and help further.

Through deliberate effort we decided that this project is a great fit for our philanthropy group.

Everything is a series of events that leads one thing to another.

Sure I could have probably done something different with my time or with someone else and created another group and it could have been just as good. Here comes the most important part of this post that you need to pay attention too.

Never say "I should have done that different for my outcome to be different." Get that word "Should" out of your vocabulary.

I still do this all the time and the only thing "should" does is disappoint me. I lose sight of the gift of which I have, and relish at the fact that things could be "different". Than I ask my self could it have been better?

This is a message to myself. How can I go through life living in a fantasy world when the present is much more enjoyable?

How can I stop saying "should"? It is simple yet a forgotten principle,

"Live in the present and be mindful."

I want to give you more examples of how things lead to other things, so let me do a couple of quick examples before I lose your attention.

If I did not go to the particular high school I went to I would not have met the various friends of whom I have partnered up with and have started businesses with.

A friend of mine introduced me to his friend. I then became good friends with his friend. Attending this new friend's birthday party, I met a person who I now have a relationship with of which is an indirect mentorship to me.

Basically I can go on and on about each event in my life that has led me to where I am today. What I am asking you is to recognize the events that transpired in your life, how they shaped you, and what actions are you going to take to create new opportunities for yourself?

How will you put yourself forth into that uncomfortable stage of growth? Will you attend an event that you normally would not? Would you ask to be connected to someone you do not know? Will you start a conversation with a stranger at a coffee shop?

"Opportunities will not come to you if you do not go out and seek them."

Thank you for reading this post, you can always connect with me and you never know where that can lead you to. To be continued....

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