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Why you should spice up your life

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Life is boring. No this is not self-immolation.

Routines are good for saving mental space, they are excellent for being efficient. When you don't have to worry about what to choose for your meals or what cloths to wear you become much more focused on the task or main goal for the day.

"The decision making approach should be simple and useful to leave time for the really important things." Richard Nugent

We cannot be bogged down with low trivial decisions. When we are we miss everything else that matters. Thus making life boring.

I suppose each individual defines for him or herself what boring means.

What does boring mean to you?

Boring to me means that I do the same thing everyday, as if I am trapped in the Groundhog Day film. Where Bill Murray repeats the same day over and over and over again.

Well that is what I define boring, how do you define it? What would make life more exciting?

Spontaneity I feel is necessary to add to your daily or weekly mix of actions.

Getting into a habit requires routine, I get it. But how about making life more exciting, looking forward to doing something fun.

When you do not indulge in the same thing over and over again you do not lose your desire for that thing. Let me explain what I mean by this.

Let's say you ate ice cream everyday, soon enough you would get sick of eating ice cream. But let's say you ate ice cream once a month or once every two months. The excitement and enjoyment of the ice cream would hold it's value.

Am I contradicting myself by saying that you should not indulge in repeatable activities to make life exciting, yet you should master your inconsequential routines and your habits?


To answer this question I must define what makes life exciting for me, and remember for you it will be different.

Travelling, meeting new people, working on amazing projects, changing people's lives, helping others, new experiences, adventures, learning, completing goals/milestones. These are more on the extreme level of excitement as for the day to day level of excitement Lawrence C. Katz and Manning Rubin address in their Neurobic Exercise hand book.

Take a different route to your work, brush with your left hand instead of your right (if you are right handed), shower with your eyes closed and then get out towel your self off and put your cloths on while maintaining your eyes closed. Read your book somewhere where you have never read it before.

To sum it up, do things that challenge your everyday routine.

This not only exercises your brain it also forms new neural pathways which in turn can reduce your memory loss and other mental diseases.

One cannot live in the "I wish I would have done this" or "I wish I would have done that". Instead we can say "I want to do that and this is what I am going to do to make that happen."

We will always make bad and good decisions in life it is inevitable. How you live with those decisions once they are made matter most.

"The value of decisions depends upon the courage required to render them." Napoleon Hill

How can we make business more exciting getting out of the routine. Well a business that grows fast is in itself exciting. New customers, new employees, new territories. How about a business that has reached it's maximum output or one that is stuck in a slow growth.

Putting on events, or different themes on occasion can spice up the business culture. It is important to note that what you do must be in line with your culture. Meaning that you cannot go against your values in your culture to make things exciting. It in turn will pulverize and create confusion amongst your staff.

Keep it simple, live with spontaneity, don't over complicate the trivial tasks.

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