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What struggle do the rich and famous have?

Billionaire Life style.

What problems do the rich and famous people have that everyone else does not?

This is a question that me and my girlfriend were pondering over dinner. It fascinated me enough to want to dig deeper, bootstrap myself to searching and finding the answers from people who I consider successful (I will explain what I mean by "I consider successful" later in this post).

This topic comes at an interesting time in my life. Everything you do leads to something you don't know. Whether you read a book, meet someone, or experience an adventure. It will shape you into becoming something different then you were before.

What intrigues me about this topic is the fact that I don't have the insight to answer the question. I feel it holds an important value to know and share the answers. I don't know what that value is at the moment, but something tells me I will soon find out.

I have read and witnessed what makes people successful. How they become successful, and how can we follow in their footsteps.

This seems to be a concept that matters for the ordinary to becoming extraordinary. Before we continue I just want to say that you, yes you the reader, are extraordinary even if you don't think so. You have something to offer someone else and this world, a gift. Only you decide what that gift is.

What has worked for successful people may work for us too, but most times this isn't the case. What works for me will most likely not work for you, because we are all unique.

For example; I love waking up early taking a cold shower and getting to work. If you follow in my foot steps will it you become successful? Probably not. You could be a night owl and you do your best work at night. Stick to what works for you.

It does not hurt to try other methods, but find what works for you, don't force something that just doesn't work.

I feel we are getting a bit of topic here, so let's get back on track. Why hasn't anyone published a book, essay, or article about the troubles or pains successful people have that ordinary people do not?

There are common problems we all have; mental diseases, critical illnesses, other people, environmental, political, economical issues. What problems do the elite have that ordinary people do not? Well I would think on some the burden is much more extreme, then again I suppose it is how you deal with it per individual basis.

Ryan Holiday makes good assumptions in his book Ego Is The Enemy. "When you are at the top people are gunning for you, your ego is bolstered. Society imposes more obligation on the you. The more successful and powerful we are the more we think we need to protect our legacy, lineage, and influence. If we are not careful we will spend too much time trying to keep the world from displeasing or disrespecting us, thus becoming isolated."

What makes this topic unique is it will provide the reader with relatable, vulnerable and significant insight on our society as a whole. People who do have lots of money are also human, and have problems just like the rest of us, sometimes they are worse of. I would say it is per individual base.

I have written about how there is always someone else that has it worse than you do. Well just because someone is powerful, they have drawbacks too. We see less of that especially in the public figures because this is what they protect the most.

Although it is interesting to note that the ones who make themselves vulnerable are the ones we tend to like the most.

This topic I feel needs to be dissected further and research needs to be conducted through psychological, philosophical and scientific data which will be accumulated and later shared with you.

Knowing that everyone suffers, it is not to make people feel a sense of sorrow and disparity. Instead it is meant for the open minded individual who can see that we are all human, and that fame and fortune only separate us economically.

My girlfriend raised a good argument saying that people who are rich have an easier time solving problems. However, I feel this is a good way to prove that not all problems need money to be solved.

Who you may consider successful that particular person may not think so of themselves. How will I distinguish who would be a good candidate for this research?

The elite. People who share the spot light, who have a substantial amount of following. Those who are classified as the "upper class", or who have accomplished something that most people have not. It can be winning a medal, award, or building a multi million-dollar business.These people would be good candidates for this study. It can be winning a medal, award, or building a multi million-dollar business.

I want to get into the minds of the Elite, extract the vulnerabilities from them and share the valuable information with people who are interested in reading about it.

What about the people that are ultra rich, but are not in the spotlight, the ones who stay humble, who we do not know hear or know about, well they shall remain a mystery to us all.

Let the project commence. To be continued....

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