Saturday, 1 October 2016

Staying comfortable will keep you surviving

What we do each and every day takes us back to when we first walked this earth. Wanting a house is by means shelter, wanting a big house is now social stature. Social stature permits us to thrive in an environment where others will not.
So that brings us to this question, what is the difference between our wants and needs? Do we need a big house? No, but having this big house will then attest others to accept us as rulers. He who owns more shall bestow authority over those who own less.
It may seem as though we have evolved and are much more progressed. However, in what sense have we progressed? What does progression mean? And what does it look like to not progress?
Sure technology has its advancements. The way we can understand this is by calculating. For example, the speed at which the internet is running has increased 10x as opposed to when it first became mainstream. The fact that we are now able to prolong living for people who have critical illnesses such as aids.
But what about civilization, have we progressed, how is this measured?
That depends on who is saying it. People who are living in poverty today might not be doing as well as their ancestors once did.
So is it all smoke and mirrors, yet we are pulling all the same levels? Meaning that survival at its core is what defines us and it is what guides us through this present moment in time, although the context is different.
Now in this present moment we work for food and shelter in a less risky environment, in the past, we worked for food and shelter in a higher risk environment.
So is it then risk that has changed, and everything else remained the same?
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