Tuesday, 18 October 2016

how can we understand body language?

What does body language tell us about people?
It tells us more than words do if we know what to look for.
I recently went to a spa and I met a masseuse whom I found peculiar.
What I found interesting was her interdisciplinary observation about my ankle.
I injured my ankle approximately 1 year ago playing basketball, the experience which I have written about, and I was surprised to hear from the masseuse which ankle was injured.
I did not specify, although she pointed out that it was my right ankle.
That kind of precision is worth writing about. Let me explain why.
We often talk more than we listen, and when we do listen we pay attention to the words. While doing this we miss the most important message the person is telling us without actually saying anything.
The posture, the hand gestures, the facial expressions are all subliminal signals. The person who is sending out these signals does it so artfully that they themselves don’t even know they are doing it.
How can we pick up on these signals? Why should we?
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