Sunday, 30 October 2016

How to combat chaos

Going nowhere is not about turning your back to the world it’s about stepping back and seeing the world more clearly and loving it more deeply.”

This was a line in The Art of Stillness, a Ted Talk original by Pico Lyer.
When we seem to be hurried and bogged down with sizable to-do lists, school work, job tasks, and relationships. sometimes we tend to forget why we are doing it.
Floating in the bottom of the ocean, a burst of a dust cloud blurred my vision and for about a minute I had zero visibility. In the first 20 seconds, I panicked, I looked around to see where my instructor was.
I acknowledge the fact that I was breathing through my second stage (breathing apparatus), as I inhaled I felt the air filling my lungs and deflating my lungs as I exhaled. The next 15 seconds my attention was on my breathing.
Then came the most wondrous part of the whole experience; the stillness.
My thoughts went from anxiousness and nervousness to tranquil, comfort and peace.
One of the things you get taught scuba diving is not to be nervous or anxious. As we already know we cannot control our initial emotions, however, we can control how long they last for.

“The greatest weapon against stress is to choose one thought over another.” Pico Lyer

As I floated through the dusted cloud of sand I couldn’t help but imagine that I am here, alone, deep underwater.
A moment that, felt like an eternity or so I desired, nothing mattered. Not the stress, the overbearing workload, the meetings, the homework and projects for school, the relationships I needed to sustain and maintain, the people that dependent on me, the time that I was running out of. 
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