Monday, 3 October 2016

You cannot take humanity out of us

Celebrities, Royalty, Homeless, Businessmen, Employees, Musicians, Mental patients, have one thing in common; being human.
Travelling to Victoria this weekend I had the pleasure of speaking with a taxi driver on my way to a business conference. Conversations with locals tend to be very eye opening. What peaks my interest is the observation one has or lack of to their surroundings.
“The trick of asking questions is to determine if your question is a good one, just because it has never been asked does not mean it’s good.” Steven Levitt who has written Freakonomics goes to say “Overturn conventional wisdom by asking questions that people really care about and closing with answers that may surprise people.”
Thinking sensibly about how people behave in the real world can bring about a novel way of perceiving the world.
The taxi driver preceded to tell me that the royals are leaving Victoria and are heading into Vancouver. People are gathering to see them leave. One patron that the taxi driver had served, felt very privileged to have met the royals up close.
After examining this I felt compelled to think; why do we care so much about people who society deems as important, as opposed to people who we don’t notice, such as homeless people, or even just strangers walking past us on a busy street?
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