Wednesday, 31 August 2016

The stories we tell ourselves work against us

As I am contemplating which classes to take. It is sad but true that our teachers who look after us are after all the ones whose decision this is based on. I don’t care if the work is challenging. I welcome challenging work. I don’t mind if I have to drive to class 45 minutes each way. Sitting in class for 3 hours doesn’t bother me either.

The only thing I truly care about is the teacher. Will they be engaging enough not to put me to sleep?

Will they offer a different approach than the usual lecture that you have been to or seen for hundreds of years?

The monotone, boring lecture that even the fly in the room is trying to desperately escape.

What is a teacher’s duty?

Besides the fact that they should teach students new information, and then quiz them on it after to see how much of that information the students have retained. What else is a teacher responsible for?

For a student to want to come back to class, to want to do the homework. A teacher needs to be more of a leader whose inspiring student’s instead of playing a tyrannical role whose job is to instruct, assign and delegate.

We are not another number in the teacher’s score sheet. We are human beings and  should be treated the same way as you treat your family.

We are a number in the school system and I am okay with that. The education system is one of the largest businesses in the world. On average, in the developed world, people buy information more than any other product in their life time.

I was having a discussion with my girl friend’s dad who is highly educated and who is pursuing his second major; a masters in history. My concern was that I will be away for the first week of classes and in the university I am attending you have only the first week to figure out if you like the class or not. If not, then you can opt out without getting panelized.

To make matters worse

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