Friday, 26 August 2016

Busting the myth of the entrepreneurial freedom.

“An Entrepreneur: Sees what they want and they set out to get it (problem solvers). Non-entrepreneurs: Sees the things that prevent them from getting what they want.” Simon Sinek

What does a day in a life of an entrepreneur look like?

It goes something like this;

Wake up, think about your ventures. If you are anything like me, you work on yourself first. Whether it be reading, listening to a podcast or watching a Ted Talk.

You think about your businesses some more and possibly new business ideation.

Everything you observe during your ‘inspirational’ intake, your subconscious mind begins to catalogue all of these fresh ideas and molds them with your existing concepts to create something novel or just a different way to approach your current position.

You look after your loved ones.

You think of ways to improve your businesses, or of the things that you need to do for your businesses.

You work on your business. You go out to meetings, whether it’s with your partners or clients.

You work on yourself some more; Exercise, read, create.

You make time for your loved ones.

You think about your businesses some more. You take notes when they suddenly pop into your head of the things you want to do to improve.

You finish the day with either working on your businesses by attending to emails or checking in with your virtual assistant (I’ll get more into VA’s another time) or with reading or finding anything related to business to entertain yourself with.

As you can clearly see, from the time an entrepreneur wakes up to the time they go to bed, the entrepreneur is ‘working’.

I was asked how long do I usually work everyday. I respond by saying the whole day. Normally I would get a chuckle or a look of amusement, depending on the context and who it is I am talking with.

What people don’t get is that being an entrepreneur is not for the faint hearted and not for people who want to work less and who want freedom. It’s quite the opposite. Your freedom is actually taken away when you’re an entrepreneur. Let me tell you why.

No freedom to create or innovate to your desire because the market will decide that for you. No freedom to choose your time because

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