Wednesday, 24 August 2016

What do you do when you realize your life sucks?

“A picture is worth 1,000 words” Tess Flanders

What is the difference between you and I?

The difference between you and I is that I am here writing these words that you are reading. Is that the only difference?

I want to hack my way into the public while you are wanting to get off the grid. To have your privacy. To know that people can only see what you put out and nothing else. Not those sad moments, the miserable work you endure daily or the fights you have with the people you love most.

I embrace it while you shy away from it.

I get it, life isn’t as peachy as it’s made out to be on your Facebook and Instagram feeds. Is everyone else having a blast while you commutate?

What makes these individuals special who post what appear to be fortunate moments?


You are the one that makes them out to be special. You are the one who puts a label on these people.

What if they were miserable how would that make your life better? If someone loses their house, job, or their loved one would you jump for joy? Okay, maybe if you hated their Ex you would. The point is that what you pay attention to is what drives your behaviour to act the way you want it to.


It was you all along. No one else was paying attention for you. No one else was thinking for you. No one else cared as much as you did.

Living on your own terms? We all do. Every single one of us. You are doing it now.

Don’t think for a minute that when you scroll through your Facebook feed you realize how crappy your life actually is and that other people are living on their own terms. That they got lucky.

You are just as lucky as everyone who worked as hard as you have and who made the same decisions as you.

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