Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Creative creation from the unexpected.

I am feeling uninspired. Is this something I should be concerned about? Is my creativity coming to a close? How can this be? I am a writer am I not?

The problem isn't finding what to write about, it is that I have so many topics I want to write, which do I pick? Which direction do I take it to? I noticed I have a following on my posts. My words are reaching and inspiring beyond my circle. I don’t want to disappoint anyone.

This could possibly be the problem itself. The not wanting to ‘disappoint’. I have to let go of the ego. Because in reality it is not others I do not want to disappoint, it is myself. I don’t want to fail, I don’t want to look back and see that some people got value while others didn’t from my articles.

How do I let go of the ego? How do I bruise it and continue to focus on my writing instead of making myself ‘look good’ in front of others?

Confronting the ego and facing it head on. Questioning myself with the purpose of digging down deeper as to why I care so much about what other people think. The reaction is what comes next, and surprisingly enough I am in control of this reaction.

So what if I get a negative comment or not as many likes or shares? What will happen then? Am I surmounting to the pressure of knowing that you are reading this and judging me, judging my words?

I will still continue to create, write, and produce. I started this with the intention of self reflection. Finding my own voice amongst all the chatter and noise.

Why do I care? I care because it gives me validation, I care because I want to be heard, I care because just like you I have a voice, and just like you I can give something that others can find useful.

The habit is not to get squandered in pleasing everyone. Not everyone has the same beliefs or the same needs and wants. You are unique, these words may not resonate with you, but with a stranger, your friend, or family member they could.

So is it this hope that I hang onto?

The beauty about creating is the art in itself. You, the reader, never know which direction I will take you on. It may seem so obvious at first, yet with a twist it can then make it so much more interesting than you expected. Expect the unexpected.

Sometimes I don’t see it myself where we may end up but, when we get there I always think it couldn’t have been done any other way.

We are on the same journey, if only for a brief moment. You step into my world while reading these words, and I step into yours after hearing your final comments and seeing the number of likes. Only to decide then if I am doing something for you all along.

Writing can be a struggle and I don’t necessarily want to take this post into that direction of writing about writing. I feel I have more to share with you, more value to add, something that will make you think. Make you question my assumption and my intentions.

In my previous series of posts, I have been focused on giving you the tools on how to engage with people, the things you should know about a handshake and how vital networking is to your life.

What I want to add and I think you should know is that it’s about who you know and what you know. The power of connectivity and surrounding yourself with likeminded people can yield massive results for you. Having the same dinner parties with the same group of people, talking about the same things or trivial news will give you the same results as you have gotten.

Do I continue on this path? Do I give you more tools on how to communicate with other people to win their hearts and leverage the outcomes?

Do I write about how you need to distance your self only to become closer with someone else? Or about how to invest and what to look for in aspiring entrepreneurs and small businesses? Or how about police brutality, is being in a position of power something that can influence you to behave outside your norm?

So much to write about, where to begin? What journey do I take you on?

I suppose you will find out tomorrow as we continue this journey, you and I.

To be continued….

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