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How do professors differ from executives?

What is your view of a professor who is teaching about how to run a company and a company owner who is actually running the company?

Professor: Educates, Public Speaker, Lectures.

Professors are great at reviewing books, standing in front of a classroom conducting lectures that are universal to everyone. Becoming a professor requires you to take years of schooling in a specific field of study.

Executive: Observes, Demonstrates, Responds.

Executives see the world for what it is and respond to the market for what they need. Executives see problems as opportunities and they create solutions by paying close attention to various possibilities. They are very specific in nature to what and how things need to be done in order to deliver superiority.

Professor: Rigid Schedule, Theory, Standards.

Professors have set class schedules, and apply theory and knowledge for students to better understand the subject that is being taught. The objective is for students to pass the course to meet the standard of the academic studies.

Executive: Examples, Connections, Mentor.

Executives lead by example, they show you how its done rather then tell you that it can be done. Becoming an owner is not a do-it-alone way, connections are forged and strategic alliances are made along the way. “Tell me I will forget, teach me I may remember, involve me I learn” Benjamin Franklin.

Professor: Semester Breaks, Focus, Marks.

Professor teaches half a year and takes a break from teaching the rest of the year. Good professors will brush up on new material and work on self development. There focus is placed on the subject that is being taught rather than on each individual student in the class. The professor’s role is to learn, teach, and mark the students work. To investigate the student’s understanding of the course material.

Executive: Fosters, Regulates, Proofs.

Executive proves what works and what doesn’t through tests and feedback. The executive cultivates a team that will support and sustain the epicenter of the business culture. His role is to regulate any individual that steps outside those boundaries like a father would with his child.

Professor: Follows, Systematic, Repetitive.

Professor follows the same routine that has been conducted year after year, sometimes with new material that is added. There is a systematic approach to how the professor delegates the studies, homework, and final exams. “Repeat anything often enough and it will start to become you” Tom Hopkins.

Executive: Innovative, Leads, Adaptable.

Executives innovate to stay ahead of the competition. Adapt to situations that can be critical to the future of the company. Executives are leaders.

Executives and Professors have a lot in common too.

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