Tuesday, 1 December 2015


Nothing is easy. I have been told numerous times over the years, not from the same source either. Why is that nothing is easy? Why do things have to be so complicated in life and in business? I suspect it is through the perception of which you view it. Some people may view their life is difficult, but others may see that things are easy for you. It is the lens of which you look at things and events that happen in your life. If you could step outside of your body and look at yourself and imagine that things are not the same from how you perceive them. Comparing yourself to others is not the right way to measure your success, it will make you envious and jealous. You should only compare your own past to your own present. Don't judge or blame others, most of the time your misinterpreting the situation, things may not seem as they appear. Certainty turns attitude into action. Be certain of yourself, serve others instead of judging or criticizing and don't expect anything in return. Don't make it a transaction, "life without giving is a life without living." If you want to create loyalty, then stop expecting things in return when you serve others, find people who believe in what you believe and make a greater impact on those people. If you have not lived by this mantra and you do, I am certain that your life and business will change dramatically, also express gratitude for everything in your life. All of these are positive energies that the universe will reciprocate back to you and your business. Lastly do what you love and whatever you do don't do it just for the money. I was asked to give more personal examples in my blog so others can relate to it, so here it goes. I spend a lot of time giving back and serving others. I have started a givers group with one of my friends whom I met through a network business meeting in Vancouver. In this group we are hoping to create a lasting change in our community. Our first target was to help impoverished youth by a measurable and a pay it forward system, then moved to impoverished families and now through collaboration we are creating the missing piece of the puzzle, which is a hub where charities can connect to other charities and the recipients are aware of how to find the appropriate resources. There are ways to market without funding, I was able to successfully do that for one of my companies.

To be continued....

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