Monday, 7 December 2015

The Passion Myth

Don't follow your passion, let your passion follow you. I have recently read a book by Cal Newport called "so good they can't ignore you". He debunks the long stood myth and goes to say that you should focus on and work hard at what your good at, develop your strengths. When you become great at what you do, you will become passionate about what you do. It is true what he says, because the notion of following your passion can lead you a stray. I have been in search of my passion and have realized the more I searched the less happy I became. There is no need to search for it when it is staring you right in your face, become aware of what your good at. If your not happy doing what you do, then stop doing it, master your skills and strengths and do something your really good at. Reason it will make you happy is because you will feel the sense of accomplishment. Today I also came to the realization that nobody is perfect and it is ok to not be understood. I have people in my life telling me that I am a completely different person today then I was yesterday. I reinvent myself and surprise myself with what I am capable of. If you don't know what your good at then ask someone who is close to you to point out your strengths. Mind sharing is crucial to our reinvention, great minds think alike clever minds think together. I attended a youth seminar at a university campus, and the results from this seminar were amazing because of the type of setting that was provided for sharing problems and solutions. I am a echo  boomer, sharp, capable, and craving knowledge and success. I am inclusive and do not discriminate against others, and most importantly I am optimistic. Reinvent your self everyday by working on what your great at, and become even better then you were yesterday.

To be continued....

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