Sunday, 12 February 2017

The power of transformative information for a mentee

The feeling you get when delivering an AHA moment to someone is memorable and shareable.
There is nothing in this world that excited and energizes me more than conveying practical information to someone who gets it, who deploys it, and who shows it in their success in making it work.
When you give someone practical knowledge which they didn’t see before, or maybe you show them a different perspective of the outcome, their expression is telling. Their mouth drops, pupils dilate and begin to look at you like you are the messiah.
That’s how I feel when I am around my mentors and even people who I don’t know, who deliver great content and shed new light and opportunity onto new theory’s and observations.
It’s those moments, will call them transformative moments, it’s not just about information being passed, but it is information that will be applied by the recipient.
I want to give you a little bit of a background to build the context on which my thesis is based on.
I volunteer for a program with an organization who lends money to young start-ups and entrepreneurs. There I have a role as a mentor to an individual who was granted a loan for his retail start-up business.
We come from two different backgrounds, not just in our ethnicity and experience but also in our business practices. I come from the service based industry and he is at the retail end.
On a side note, I have been thinking a lot about the retail business and I am thinking about penetrating it through the custom design furniture industry, more on that later.
Having no prior experience on the retail end I understand business and so does my mentee. Our relationship is formal and structured. But our conversations are seamless and fluid.
When I give him practical wisdom that I apply in my business and that he never thought off applying in his, his response is 
come finish over here 

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