Wednesday, 29 March 2017

If you want to be big you got to think fast

Owning a business is like sailing a ship. There are days where you sail through a nice, clear, calm day, and then there are days where your ship is about to be tipped over by the monsoon that erupts.
Thinking fast is the ability to make prompt decisions that keep your ship sailing forward at a constant speed across the monsoon.
There are countless of “how to” books written on entrepreneurship, management, and business, while those provide useful insight, there is nothing that comes close to experiencing it hands on.
Diving into any project, whether you are prepared or not, you will face obstacles. At which point you either learn how to overcome the obstacles that stand in your way or use them as leverage.
The prepared mind will learn how to leverage these obstacles.
When you learn something extrinsically you face the challenge of forgetting what you learned in times of stress or uncertainty. It is only when you move the extrinsic knowledge and internalize it that you begin to feed off the inspiration.
You begin to create a momentum that continuously propels you forward, like a wave forming in the sea.
Recently I have been rebranding my steam cleaning company. By observing everything that I have internalized being in business, I am more excited then I have ever been to bring the company to it’s fullest potential.
This comes from a deep-rooted understanding of the basics as well as the inspiration that comes from the risks, stepping into the unknown.
Doing things you haven’t done before sounds scary and it is until you understand the power that lies within the unknown. Once you get through this barrier you will elevate yourself to a new perspective.
The thing you must consider is that if you haven’t tried it before, you don’t know if it will work, and just because it worked for someone else it might not work well for you.
By not trying it you will miss the chance of finding out.
For example, many companies are scared to invest into social media because they don’t believe that it can be a useful tool for their business.
What these companies need to consider is that it isn’t about social media, advertising, or the internet.
It is about where people’s attention lies.
When you understand this, you understand business.
The day you start talking about your audience, not about you, that’s the day you start doing business.” Unmarketing by Scott Stratten
Thinking fast comes from being prepared. A prepared mind has a vast potential to accelerate growth, notice here how I say potential. It isn’t the end all be all. Without the doing, thinking isn’t enough.
You can think of all the best ideas out there when you don’t implement them they dissolve into the ether.
You don’t have to jump all in. Taking incremental steps is key, and this leads to becoming big.
There might be confusion as to how you should think fast and be big, so let me clarify; come over here to finish the post

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