Saturday, 11 February 2017

Hire as if you were never going to fire.

Remember that employee that got away with everything; Paid holidays, extended vacations, sick leave, excuses, asking for more money, more sick leave, blaming others for their own mistakes, even more sick leaves.
Who hired him/her?
Oh, it was your executive assistant, or your HR department, recruiters? Let me guess, it’s their fault?
Okay, and who hired the person that hired your employee? If you want to go through that again we can, but I think you understand that behind all the hiring’s, you were the person who was secretly in charge of it all.
You might not admit it, that’s fine. This post isn’t about you.
I want you to understand that no matter how good your hiring intuition is, or how good a person seems to be when they start their job, there is no perfect candidate out there.
This is because life goes on.
Things change, people get married, have kids, move away, have relatives move in, or they die. Either way what seems too good to be true is.
So why am I telling you this? It’s not so you recognize that everyone at some point will be mediocre. It’s so you appreciate the things that they do well, and not dwell on the things they don’t.
I tell you this so you understand that organizations are built on people. They aren’t just a digit for when the economy collapses for them to get slashed in the figurative sense. Or literally, however, you want to take that.
Oh, wait, but your employee is extraordinary he/she is the best there is out there and has never let you down.
They will, time will come.
The point I am getting at 

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