Thursday, 9 February 2017

When you feel right about something and you don’t know why.

You digest a great deal of information and take on unprecedented amounts of knowledge, this becomes a catalyst for new ideas, theory’s and feelings.
You begin to see things clearer. Things begin to feel right and wrong without understanding exactly how.
Only to think it is logical.
You don’t remember reading about it but you just know when something is off.
The last two years have been immense for me. I know that I digest and cover a great deal of personal and business development. (This has certainly made an impact in my well being, my business, and those who are in my circle)
Sometimes I think it’s too much.
I don’t burn out, but the amount of information that I didn’t know before is insurmountable. My head feels like it’s going to explode.
Yet, I want more.
It feels as though I am possessed by some knowledge thirsty daemon.
My routine is surrounded by inputs and outputs. Constantly reading digesting and reiterating what I learn.
Watching and reading from people who are winning. Who has it figured out, or so it seems to be that way.
Why do I digest information like a bloodthirsty hyena?
Come finish over here no strings attached 

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