Monday, 21 November 2016

You shine just the way you are

Everyone has something they aren’t particularly proud of, maybe; cheating on a test, or lying about your name, or stealing from a convenience store. Maybe something about you that you wished was different, a smaller nose, birthmark, or an extraordinarily large Adam’s apple.
This can drive someone into a conscious self-disparaging torment. Your self-esteem is trumped when someone points out the part that you thought you consciously hid so well.
Why hide it in the first place?
We look around us on social media and see just how ‘perfect’ everyone else is. When this illusion becomes a delusion, we can then ask ourselves; was that pain necessary? Where those sleepless nights, and days of panic worth the self-sabotage? Are we really destroying our moral worth because of what we think other people think of us? How have we befallen on other people’s expense?
A habit, that turns into an obsession.
I have a confession to make.
I was once too a neurotic freak about my 
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