Thursday, 3 November 2016

It is sustainable for human jobs to be replaced by computers.

How is it sustainable for humans to be replaced by computers?
We must consider 3 factors, but first, let’s analyze what sustainability is. Sustainability is a way to continue to progress over an indefinite amount of time. In this case, we talk about job preservation for humans.
Jobs are needed for sustainability because they provide humans with a way to survive and flourish. A job is a means to an end. The job gives us a means to buy food, water, shelter. However, to flourish it then becomes a mindset and individualized. What does it mean to flourish? Happiness, having wants such as social stature, recognition, convenience, comfort, consumables, selection.
So, we must then ask, is it a job we need or money to be sustainable since the outcome of a job is typically money? A job gives us money, which then becomes a tool to flourish which then gives us the opportunity to become sustainable for an indefinite amount of time.
We can further say that a job does not only provide money but also it provides meaning and purpose, which both are essential when we look at Roselands 6 Capitals where he argues either one is not possible to be substituted; Human (skills), Physical (infrastructure), Cultural (shared experience), Economic (finance), Nature (environment), Social (Connectedness).
What does it mean for computers to be smart?
Computer intelligence is when computers can provide solutions without having someone input data manually. When computers can teach themselves. The one thing computers can’t replace is human experience, the more everything is done by machine the more valuable humanist’s contribution can be, increasing rewards.
What about creating machines that are more powerful than humans, that make decisions and that are dangerous to our survival? Well, if we think about it, they already do make many of the decisions for us such as what advertisers choose for us to see, or who to date online; which can lead to who will be born. Where police patrol thus deciding, who will be arrested. The problem is that computers are too stupid, they make mistakes, and are already taking over.
As time progresses computer technology advances at an unprecedented rate. It is not a matter of ‘can we’ rather it is ‘when’ will computers exceed human intelligence.
Let’s briefly examine how this has happened already, animators are replaced by software that produces creative movies. ATM machines replace bank tellers so that we can have access to our money any time of the day. Textile became automated and replaced the need for human slavery. Or how about in warfare, drones are replacing human piolets and robots who scan for bombs replace dangerous jobs that dogs and other humans had done before. It is not just making our lives better; it is also increasing our safety and well being.
What are the 3 reasons to consider that machine replacing humans in the job sectors is sustainable? 
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