Friday, 8 January 2016


The power of the pen. In this digital age we are consumed by our smart phones, lap tops, computers, smart watches, Ipods and Ipads. Out technology is advancing at an exponential rate, and instead of making us more connected, it is making us more disconnected from the real world. What do I mean by the real world? I am talking about being in tune with yourself, nature, and the people you love. Start writing things down, I encourage you to step away from the dopamine highs you get from your ding, buzz, bell, flash from your notifications and start releasing some of your energy into a simple notepad with your pen. Its hard at first to sit down and write, in fact the most difficult part is starting, once you break that barrier of starting you will find your flow and continue to write things you would of never thought you would write. It is a great way to express yourself and you will actually feel good after accomplishing such a feat. I want to recommend to you an amazing novel I have recently read Let the elephants run, by David Usher. This book will give you a new perception on creativity, and how we are all creative beings and the world around us as we grow up puts us into this box of which our creativity stops flowing. Do not give up, just start, it doesn't matter if its right or wrong, all that matters is that you start somewhere NOW.

To be continued....

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