Sunday, 24 January 2016

Irrational decisions

The power of referral. Have you noticed that if someone who you trust recommends something you will most likely be purchasing what he or she recommended, simply because you trust that person to give you good advice. We do not make logical decisions when it comes to purchasing, and this is why some of the giant corporations are so good at selling to us because they target our subconscious mind. We make decisions unknowingly when we see something for sale. It also goes the opposite way as well if a person who you trust tells you they don't like something then most chances are you will not make the purchase, and if you do and have a bad experience, you will never do it again. What also holds as a strong persuasive tool is the scarcity on time and exclusivity. They present a higher value, and a buyer's decision may be swayed, FOMO (fear of missing out). If there is a group that is exclusive and charges a monthly fee you might want to join to feel part of something important, or if there is a deadline on a sale your subconscious will tell you to make the purchase because it is a good deal, however this is how people get manipulated into buying. Most of the time the items on sale you would never purchase in the first place, so why do you do it when it is on sale? Because we do not make rational decisions when we buy. If you can target someones emotions you have won over the buyer's decision. Great motivational sales books to read are written by Zig Ziglar, he is a mastermind at sales tactics. As well another fantastic book for entrepreneurs to read is The E-Myth, very fascinating content, regarding working on your business and how to target your ideal consumers.

To be continued....

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