Wednesday, 18 November 2015


Think like a consumer. When your running a business or in a relationship always put yourself in the other persons shoes. It is extremely difficult for some people to do this, like myself for example. It does not mean that your selfish or something is wrong with you, but if you have not been taught this skill it will take time to learn. This is being empathetic, sharing the other person's feelings. Once you have mastered this skill then you will have common ground to be able to build rapport with that person. Establishing rapport is crucial to building trust. There is a fantastic novel by Lena Sisco "You're Lying" she explains very systematically on how to build rapport through her interrogations with terrorist detainees. How does this apply to everyday life, well if you cannot establish rapport and build trust then you will not be able to sell anything to your prospect. We all sell whether you are a husband, wife, child, girlfriend, boyfriend, employee, manager, etc... We all sell our ideas to others, whether it is asking to go to a movie, to buy an ice cream or to have an employee complete there task. Last blog I left with a question on how do I measure my success. I measure my success by looking in the past and looking at my relationships and my businesses and comparing to where I am today. I feel very strongly that I am heading into the right direction with my skills, talent, and the ability to learn, adapt and grow each and everyday. Before I was very negative and could not understand why I could not get ahead. Today that is something I no longer struggle with and I am making leaps and bounds financially, emotionally, and physically. Maintaining a strong mindset being positive and mastering the art of learning I am able to prosper and grow. Dream big, don't do anything you don't want to do because we have very little time on this planet and using the time doing things you don't want to do makes no sense to you. If you can be the master of your life you will be the master of your business and those around you.  I leave you with that thought and next blog I will share on how to think and what to do to be a successful entrepreneur.

To be continued....

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