Monday, 9 November 2015

Inspired knowledge

If your looking for what you want to find you will eventually find it. The power is within you. Everyone has an agenda, what is yours? Mine is to change the individual mindset to grow prosperous beyond their imagination, this gives me the ultimate satisfaction. Knowing I can give back with what I learn to those who want to learn. If someone was to ask what I do I would tell them I help and support peoples talents and bring them out into the world of  business as well I am also a student and eager to learn life's and business's lessons. Growing the people around you will eventually enhance your growth. The imagination is a limitless place of creativity. However the external environment affects us and limits our possibility's. We get to stuck in our box, and we only see things as they are not as they can be. To be an amazing entrepreneur you must have common sense and urgency. What my beautiful and smart girlfriend (soon to be fiance) has taught me is to question everything. Anything you come across or anyone you must ask your self WHY? Why did this event happen to me, Why are these people interested in me. Look at both the positives and negatives. As I am writing this I am also reading a fantastic novel called the Third Vision by Dr Francis Vala and he states that there's two things we do in life and that is avoid pain or pursue pleasure. Which do you do in your daily life?
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To be continued....

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