Friday, 13 November 2015


Life teaches us lessons, it is our choice whether we learn, and be aware of the teachings or ignore and repeat the lessons. We all learn differently, be conscious of how you learn best, if it is visually, auditory or by doing (kinesthetically), and be sure to use this to your advantage. The most important thing to remember is to be fully aware. Its also not about what your doing its how you think about what your doing. What you focus on is what you attract, this is simple to understand, if you focus on the negative that is what you will attract in your life and in your business. The same holds true to the opposite, focus on the positive and opportunity's in your life and your business will emerge. For anything to change you must change first. Why I am inspired to write these blogs is to express my views and opinions publicly, and to change peoples mindset and lives after reading the blogs. Writing these blogs gives me a sense of accomplishment by empowering the reader. If you ask quality questions you will get quality answers, be aware of the questions you ask, If your not getting the answers you want, your not asking the right questions. Always ask WHY, to get a deeper answer and awareness. Great read by Simon Sinek is Start with Why. How great leaders inspire everyone to take action. He goes to say, "there are two kinds of leaders, authoritative kind and inspirational". The authoritative will tell you what to do and the inspirational will guide you and prompt you to want to do it. I strive to be the latter. One person or event has the power to change the direction the individual is taking, it is up to the individual to want to change and to go down that road. One must realize that it will take hard work and many steps, multiple experiences to achieve greatness, and to better oneself. Do you get things done or are you a procrastinator? I used to be the latter, and its not hard getting things done, the hardest part is starting. Even if you took one thing out of my blogs to better yourself, your mind will change and that will change your life. Is what I am saying true? Why should you believe me? I was caught in a loop, and it took some realization and awareness to get out of the loop and to improve my life and the people around me. Now I realize the impact the awareness has on me and I see dramatic changes in my businesses and my personal life. How do I measure that success?

To be continued....

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