Wednesday, 11 January 2017

What is culturally acceptable?

I know it isn’t culturally acceptable to think about a plane crash before boarding a plane. Or considering deadly food poisoning before trying a hole in the wall restaurant. Or telling someone the truth about themselves.
Why is that?
Is it because being risk averse makes you feel safe? Do you feel more comfortable living in a fictitious world? A made believe “perfect” world where nothing ‘should’ go wrong?
What if this reasoning is unreasonable? What if the ‘what could go wrong’ scenarios must be openly discussed in open dialogue?
Would this make you feel better? Probably not. But who is to say what is right to say culturally? Oh right, culture, society.
I am not trying to be anti-cultural or anti-establishment, I know it comes off this way. What I want is to have the freedom that we are scared off. The freedom to say things that are deemed as impolite or thoughtless, I know I have the freedom to think these things? But do I really?
It may seem as though you and I have the freedom to think what we want but the reality is culture and society tell us how to think along with the rules and in the box living/thinking.
So, I say where is the freedom that our culture so adamantly persists we have?
I mean I know that living in Canada, or North America we do have luxuries that people in developing countries do not, like a structured ‘democratic’ government system, running clean water for most parts of north America, electricity, opportunities and I am sure I am missing a whole host of other things I am ignoring simply because I want to keep this post short.
You and I both know that no two cultures are alike, there may be similarities, and that simply has to do with adaptive close proximity societies or societies that broke off into factions. So, I can only speak of my culture since that is all I know, the north American culture, Russian culture, and Jewish culture.
In all three of these cultures, I see many similarities. Love your neighbours, be kind, be polite, be ostentatious, okay maybe not that last part, just checking if yours paying attention, which if you have read this paragraph I’ll take into assumption that you are not just randomly skimming this article to find some useful hack or something that you can take away and say “I learned something from this article, wow Lev sure knows what he’s talking about.”
There really is no point to this article, I am simply writing because I figured out that I love writing. I love writing and conveying information that is useful and most importantly practical. But this post is actually quite the opposite.
I am not sure if you got that from the headline or the first paragraph that I wrote. And it may seem rather bizarre that I am talking about myself in a third person and about how meaningless this post is for the last 4 paragraphs.
My point is; find out my point

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