Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Subconscious and Addiction

When you start looking for things they seem to appear everywhere you look. The power of the subconscious mind is astounding. The only way to filter out the cultural subliminal messages of whats right and whats wrong is to change your habits and to see the world from a different perspective. We are all programmed by society from when we are born, by our parents, the media, the environment, schools, and friends. These are all influences as to who we become as adults in life. Very few realize that there is more to life then pleasing others (pleasing others will not get you ahead in life, adding value to others absolutely will). I call those the curious bunch. They go against the grain and questions society's norms. Who created society's norms? Why do we believe in such notions? I believe there is a bigger problem emerging from our society and it is becoming worse as our human race advances. Addiction can be defined as the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing, or activity. Our future generations are growing up dependent and highly addicted to technology, smart phones. Past generations created tools for the future generations to be able to reach information at incredible amounts of speed and connectivity (It is impossible to process the amount information that is in reach of our finger tips today compared to 30 years ago). With that comes a double edged sword, we are losing our ability to be able to interact on a face to face basis with one another as well as our conscious mind filters out all the information that is useful and takes in information that will only lead to our demise without our awareness. This leads me back to my story which I will communicate during my future posts. I have changed my way of thinking and have grown addicted to learning. I am grateful for the interactions with the people that have changed my life, the opportunities and the doors that have opened for me since I changed my way of living and my perception on life is remarkable . I acknowledge and am grateful for the experience and I am hoping to teach my children and our current and future generations to fight through temptations in life through any peer pressure and rebellious actions I live to tell my story as a successful entrepreneur. My intentions through out these blogs is to add value to others by sharing my experiences in life and in business and by sharing my knowledge that I have gained since my earliest memory.

To be continued....

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